2016 Toyota Prius / "Bank Robbery"

Park Pictures / Lance Acord

Prius Driver : Brent Fletcher

Prius "Heck on Wheels"

Park Pictures / Terri Timely

Driver : Brent Fletcher

Infinti Q50 / Drivers Seat

SuperPrime / Samuel Bayer

Driver and Stunt Dbl : Brent Fletcher

Subaru WRX STI / "The Ride of her Life"


Driver Dbl: Brent Fletcher

Hotwheels World Record Corcscrew Jump

Bandito Bros / Mouse McCoy

Driver: Brent Fletcher

Maroon 5 / Pay Phone

HSI / Sam Bayer

Stunt Coordinator / Driver: Brent Fletcher

BMW M4 "Abracadabra"

 Pretty Bird / Max Malkin 

Driver: Brent Fletcher

"Dodge Law"

 Farely Bros.

Driver: Brent Fletcher

Mercedes "Smoke"

Park Pictures / Lance Accord

Stunt Driver / Coordinator: Brent Fletcher

Toyota Offroad

Director: Warren Cushner

Stunt Coordinator / Driver : Brent Fletcher

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